Support Life Cycle Documentation

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Zimbra Support Life Cycle Policies specify software support timelines to assist customers with long-term change-management decisions and release strategies.

When does Zimbra’s Support Life Cycle begin?
Zimbra's Support Life Cycle begins on the general availability date of the Major Release of the product.

What is the expected compatibility between the server and client components of Zimbra?
VMware’s compatibility requirements are to support compatibility across 2 major versions of server and client. However it should be noted that features in newer releases will not be supported with older versions. The intent is to maintain the basic functionality of the oldest version without breaking compatibility. Example, Zimbra Connector for Microsoft Outlook 6.x will work with Zimbra Collaboration Suite server 7.x.

Why are other VMware products (for example, VMware vSphere – ESX) policy different than Zimbra?
VMware vSphere ESX is a more mature product with a longer development time. With Zimbra planned 12 to 18 month releases cadence, major feature releases will occur at a higher frequency.