Introducing Zimbra Community 8.0 Free Edition

Zimbra Community is an online community and private social networking solution designed to enhance customer support and increase employee productivity.

Zimbra is proud to deliver a free social community solution. Key benefits include:

  • Fast deployment
  • Zero cost
  • Support for private and public community use cases
  • All social apps included

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Introducing Zimbra Community 8.0 Trial

  • Full featured
  • Loaded with sample content
  • No server required
  • Installs in minutes

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Lower Support Costs and Enhance Customer Service

Private social networks powered by Zimbra Community:

Private social networks powered by Zimbra Community
  • Enable employees to collaborate with team members anytime, anywhere from their smartphones and tablets
  • Save time and increase productivity by making it easy for employees to find subject matter experts quickly
  • Increase revenue by empowering sales teams with a central hub for account management
  • Streamline collaboration by integrating with enterprise software for CRM, document management and unified communications
  • Speed innovation with social ideation that recognizes and rewards employees for contributing their best ideas

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Build Strong Networks that Boost Productivity

Support communities powered by Zimbra Community:

Support communities powered by Zimbra Community
  • Save you money and save your customers time with social self-service through peer-to-peer support forums and online FAQs
  • Deflect support calls by empowering customers to find solutions and solve problems with online resources like discussion forums, crowdsourced knowledge base articles and how-to videos
  • Deliver better products faster by sourcing new ideas from customers, partners and potential buyers
  • Provide 24x7 social support anywhere in the world, and on the go, with mobile communities
  • Increase revenue with social CRM that empowers your sales and marketing teams

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