Zimbra Collaboration Server Mobility

Connecting End Users to Their Personal Clouds

Securely access email, voice, contacts, calendars, tasks and files, on any device or tablet.

Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones

Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones

Zimbra, with Zimbra Mobile enabled, integrates natively over-the-air with the Mail, Voice, Social, Contact and Calendar applications on any smartphone or tablet based on the Android OS, such as the Motorola Droid family, or any Windows Mobile OS device. These devices support the ActiveSync protocol so no additional download is required, only that Wi-Fi or a wireless data plan is enabled.  After a simple configuration step users can work virtually anywhere with their Zimbra account on the go.

In addition to native integration, users may also access their account in the mobile web browser using Zimbra’s Mobile Web Email and Collaboration experience.

Key Zimbra Mobile Features:

  • Native integration with Mail app, including Conversation View / read / delete / compose message
  • Sync Zimbra Address Book to Contacts app
  • Use Global Address List (GAL) to compose email, lookup phone numbers and add meeting invitee
  • Sync all (multiple) Zimbra Calendars
  • Send and accept/decline meeting invites
  • Open and view attachments
  • Access data locally in Airplane Mode
  • Use Preference to manage push frequency, accounts and usability options

Other Features:

  • Access Zimbra through POP / IMAP email settings
  • Get email, contacts, calendars and files in Zimbra Briefcase using mobile web browser

Installation and Setup