Zimbra Collaboration Server Mobility

Connecting End Users to Their Personal Clouds

Securely access email, voice, contacts, calendars, tasks and files, on any device or tablet.

Mobile Web Browser

In addition to Advanced (AJAX) and Standard (HTML) browser modes, Zimbra Collaboration Server has a Mobile web email and collaboration.   Mobile mode is AJAX web technology optimized for smaller device and tablet form factors, and provides rich functionality on virtually any device.  Users may access Email, Voice, Contacts, Calendars, Social, Address Books and Search- a feature set more advanced than most default client applications expose on devices.

Key Features: 

  • Real-time access to Email, Contacts, Address Book, Calendar, Briefcase, Search
  • View shared content (folders, contacts, schedules)
  • Use Conversation Views and Tags
  • Conduct server-side Searches including Advanced functionality in Visual Search Builder
  • View all folders, saved searches, flags and tags
  • Mark messages a spam

Getting Started:

Access to Zimbra via a mobile web browser is available on all versions of Zimbra Collaboration Server and is as simple as entering a URL in the address bar plus a username and password. http://yourservername.com/zimbra/m/