Manage ITaaS in the Cloud Era

Designed for virtualization, Zimbra delivers faster provisioning and easier administration with built-in support for high availability, disaster recovery, backup and lifecycle management using VMware vSphere. Zimbra simplifies all of those critical functions through an easy-to-use, web-based administration console, that enables administrators to easily access the applications anywhere, anytime and manage access and policies for a diverse set of users.

Interoperability with Exchange and Other Collaboration Platforms

With an open architecture and data APIs, Zimbra integrates seamlessly with existing and new enterprise applications to help organizations leverage current investments. Zimbra supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops; IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers; and Outlook, Zimbra Desktop and other desktop clients. Zimbra makes it easier for IT to support mixed deployments with interoperability with Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange.

Integrating Microsoft Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) can be easily configured using the ZCS Administration Console. AD can be used for authentication, objects (conference rooms, etc) and global address list (GAL).

Accounts in Zimbra can be automatically provisioned with attributes populated from Active Directory or another LDAP directory. Accounts can be provisioned ad-hoc automatically by polling for new accounts. Dynamic Distribution List automatically populates distribution list membership based on account attributes.

Learn more about the Zimbra Administration Console.

Microsoft Exchange Server Interoperability

Zimbra provides an open and extensible 2-way framework for sharing calendar information with other collaboration platforms. This enables users on different systems to share schedules, free-busy information and resources such as conference rooms. This is ideal in larger multi-department deployments or in cases where gradual migration of users to Zimbra is required.

ZCS is currently interoperable with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007. Minimal configuration required in the Zimbra Administration Console and in Active Directory. Zimbra end users can use either the Zimbra Web Client or Microsoft Outlook.

Interop works in both ZCS Open Source and Network Edition and is free. The framework is available for those who wish to extend interoperability to other platforms such as IBM Domino, Novell GroupWise, or MeetingMaker.

Learn more about interoperability configuration.
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