Cloud Deployment And Virtualization

When applications are virtualized and managed with VMware vSphere and vCenter infrastructure, they become on demand cloud services that can be run on-premises or hosted by a 3rd party partner.

Email and collaboration clouds greatly simplify IT by streamlining deployment, providing instant capacity, integrating business continuity and automatic failover protection.

Traditional Cloud
Zimbra Standard Install Icon Deployment Standard Zimbra Virtualized Icon Deployment Virtualized
On-premises Hosted On-premises Hosted
  • Linux server administration required
  • Manual app / OS install and upgrades
  • Linux server administration in virtualized ecosystem
  • Manual app / OS install managed as virtual image
  • Manually add capacity / storage
  • Backups, HSM managed through Zimbra
  • HA / clustering is OS dependent
  • Manage capacity with VMware
  • Backups, HSM managed by Zimbra or VMware
  • HA / clustering can be managed by VMware or at OS level
Failover and Recovery
  • Manually monitor and restart server
  • VMware automatically monitors and restarts server
  • Instantly move app between servers