Rich Web Collaboration

The Zimbra Web Client is a fully integrated AJAX application with capabilities extending beyond what is possible in traditional desktop clients. Key advantages of Zimbra web email and collaboration:

  • Improved end user productivity
  • Same user experience across all desktops
  • Easily customize and add new applications
  • Reduced help desk support costs

Unified Messaging

Zimbra is partnering with some of the largest VoIP providers to provide a joint Unified Messaging offering for their customers. Zimbra has developed a Unified Messaging Zimlet that allows users to quickly launch calls, conference calls and to access voice mail from within the Zimbra Collaboration Server. Zimbra's Unified Messaging Zimlet leverages the SIP protocol, an open standards based protocol, thereby providing Zimbra's customers will have the maximum choice of VoIP providers.

The initial offering of Zimbra Unified Messaging is based on a partnership with Asterisk, the leading open source VoIP provider. More information is available in the announcement.

Unified Messaging Feature Highlights

  • Click-to-call: click on a phone number in an e-mail, calendar appointment, or address book contact and automatically place a call from the phone of your choice, including landlines, mobile phones, and softphones.
  • Instantaneous conference calling: select any group of contacts, or any e-mail or calendar appointment and automatically initiate a conference call to all the recipients
  • Voicemail: quickly access voicemail from office, home, or mobile phones via e-mail, without placing a phone call

Unified Messaging Benefits

  • TCO - reduced domestic and international call costs
  • User convenience to make a call or generate a bridge directly from email or calendar
  • Easier access to voicemail


Zimbra and Digium plan to release a Beta of Zimbra Unified Messaging as part of the 3.2 release.