Customer Quotes

"All I can say is your support is THE BEST that I've seen in a while. We will strongly recommend your product to another company that is looking for an email solution." - Arnold Saidon, Interim HealthCare, Inc.
"Thank you for the excellent support last night. We had some issues getting the cluster back up and you helped us through it late last night. Just wanted to say we appreciated it!" - Justin Fitzhugh, Mozilla
"Thanks for the blazing fast responses, I have never regretted paying for the Network Edition, the excellent support has been well worth it." - Jonathan Romero, Raydiance
"I want to thank the whole Zimbra Team, you did a great job and you give an excellent support to the customer. 100 points." - Alfredo Medina, Centro de Tecnologías Avanzadas
"I am writing to thank all of you for your help, guidance and good humor. Thanks to all of you, we successfully migrated our server this weekend to new hardware with a new hostname and all is working well. I am sending this to you from my Nokia E61 via Zimbra Mobile - which is working splendidly on the new server. So many, many, many thanks!" - Todd Corleto, MacVolks
"Well you guys ROCK! Thanks." - Travis Butcher -, Inc.