What’s New in Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0

The world’s most sophisticated web application suite eliminates boundaries, enabling organizations to work at the pace of Today.

Unparalleled Enterprise Productivity

Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0 delivers the most sophisticated web email, calendar and collaboration capability available today. It grants users the freedom to work from anywhere, on any desktop or device with maximum efficiency.

Below are key productivity highlights for end-users of Zimbra’s web email and collaboration, MS Outlook and mobile devices.

Scheduling Wizard

Remove the frustration hunting for free slots to host your group meetings with the intuitive Scheduling Wizard interface. It simplifies the process of creating events by automatically suggesting next-available free times and meeting locations across your organization:

  • Single screen to manage invitees, notes, attachments and free-busy view Calendar widget and list view display color-coded days and times for suggested meeting times
  • Set preferences for preferred meeting times, buildings, location and room size
  • Ability to set participants as required or optional

Self-Restore Previously Deleted Data

Users may recover previously deleted (emptied from Trash) email or calendar events. This is one of the most frequent requests users make to their IT and help desk teams; now both users and administrators can save time and heartache with this self-recovery tool.

  • Recover email and events from emptied Trash
  • Administrators may configure the retention time (default 30 days) based on policy and available storage
  • Does not need to count against the end-user quota

Briefcase File Versioning and Check In/Out

Sharing files between users just became much more efficient. Zimbra Briefcase now features file versioning with document check in and out capabilities, allowing users to edit shared files without worrying about multiple simultaneous edits and lost changes.

  • Share, don’t send files to gain powerful version control
  • Lock, check in/out documents
  • Add notes to uploaded documents
  • Revert files to previous versions
  • Preview files before downloading

Global People Search

Need to find a phone number or email of a peer not in your personal Address Book? People Search is a convenient Global Address List search tool available from anywhere in the Zimbra Web Collaboration experience.

  • Search autocompletes results as you type
  • Displays photo, phone number, email, title and location
  • Works with both Global Address Lists and personal Address Book contacts

Email and SMS Event Reminders

New Calendar and Task Reminder options allow greater flexibility in how they stay informed about upcoming meeting with event notifications sent via SMS or email.

Email and SMS based reminders can be configured for both Calendar and Tasks; the default preferences can be set globally and then can be modified per task or event.

Other Notable Web Client Enhancements

  • Calendar Invite Preview. Meeting invites that arrive in Email now preview your calendar for that specific date and time, making the decision to accept, decline or suggest an alternative easy.
  • Schedule Mail Delivery. Email delivery can now be optimized for the specific time and date required for maximized impact
  • Add Multiple Attachments. When attaching files to an email or uploading files to Briefcase users may select multiple attachments at once instead of adding them one at a time.
  • Quickly Copy Existing Meetings. Rather than re-type an entire invite list, agenda and attachments users may simply copy an existing meeting and have it at a new date and time in one click.
  • Filter outbound messages. Highly organized individuals may now automatically filter sent email just like inbound email so they can all end up in the same project folders.
  • View Distribution Lists. Users may now expand the recipient distribution list in email.
  • Choose More Tag, Calendar and Folder Colors. Users are now provided an expanded color palette for choosing the colors of Tags, Calendars and Folders across applications.
  • Set Working Hour Preferences. Calendar now allows users to set their own preferences for the start and stop of the working day, which appears in free-busy views to peers.
  • Forward Contacts as vCards. Contacts in Address Book are easily shared with others as vCard files sent as attachments in email.

Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta

Zimbra Desktop, the cross-platform and offline-capable companion to Zimbra Collaboration Server is available for users to test as a standalone client or with a Zimbra server email account. Zimbra Desktop is upgraded with the 7.0 feature set and skin plus features many significant enhancements such as the ability to schedule regular backups of all accounts locally as well as “send-to-recipient” from within Microsoft Office applications.

Learn more about Zimbra Desktop 7.0 beta.

Zimbra Mobile

  • Improved Native Sync Capabilities. Zimbra Mobile features several core enhancements, including support for better HTML email rendering, Flag and Tag-to-Category syncing on Windows 6 based devices.
  • RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 Support. Both BES and BES Express 5.0 are supported with Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook 2010 32 and 64 bit Support. Both versions of Outlook are now supported for Zimbra Connector users to sync email, contacts, calendars and task.
  • Update Notifications and Admin Auto-update. When a newer version of Zimbra Connector for Outlook is available users will be alerted once during a session to upgrade (or defer). Administrators may also choose to push automatic upgrades of the connectors to users.
  • More Flexible Outlook Profiles. A Zimbra account can now been combined with POP, IMAP or Exchange account within a common, existing Outlook Profile.