Zimbra Collaboration Server Network Edition Benefits

"Zimbra's user management features such as bulk user creation and the use of COS greatly simplify the demands of managing thousands of accounts."

- Arnold Saidon,
Network Engineer
Interim HealthCare, Inc.

For businesses, service providers, or organizations with more demanding day-to-day operations there is Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Network Edition. It features many key enhancements not available in ZCS Open Source Edition:

  • Support from Zimbra. Access to Support Portal for email, and phone crisis support plus file and track feature enhancements
  • Desktop client compatibility. Sync mail, contacts, and calendar to Microsoft Outlook and/or to Apple (Mail, Address Book, iCal)
  • Professional administration. Real time mailbox backup and restore, high availability clustering, storage cost management
  • Zimbra Mobile. Over-the-air synchronization of mail, contacts, and calendar data with mobile devices
  • Advanced web productivity. Ability to search for content inside attachments and view attachments as HTML instead of downloading
  • Domain management. Ability to re-brand the web client and administer multiple customer domains

For more information compare ZCS product editions.

Not sure if Network Edition is right for you? - Try our free 60 day trial. We know you'll be impressed, plus you can always revert back to Open Source Edition at the end of the trial!