Zimbra Mobile Web Client

Zimbra Mobile Web Client

Apple iPhone

Both Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0 Open Source and Network Edition users can access their email, contacts, and calendar using our Zimbra Mobile Web Client. This provides on-the-go access to the Zimbra experience to virtually all end-users.

All that is required is an HTML capable web browser that can be pointed at your Zimbra Server URL (e.g. http://servername.com/zimbra/m/). No additional license is required and it can be used for free.

Zimbra Mobile Web Client features:

  • Real time access to email, address book, and calendar
  • View shared content (folders, contacts, schedules)
  • Zimbra conversation views
  • Conduct advanced mailbox searches
  • View all folders, saved searches, flags and tags

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Getting the Zimbra Mobile Web Client

Want to try Zimbra Mobile Web Client? Test drive it now with sample data using our Hosted Demo (choose the "Mobile / HTML" option on the log in page) or download the ZCS Network Edition free trial if you want to do an extended test.