Carleton College Picks Zimbra

Carleton College

Recently Carleton College, one of the nation's top liberal arts institutions, completed an in-depth evaluation process for their next-generation messaging and collaboration platform.

Key requirements included easy administration plus a feature rich experience for all faculty and students across different platforms. Zimbra faced Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise in the final round and was selected the winner for its better overall experience, flexibility, and stability.

Carleton College kindly provided this evaluation document for others to review.

In Carleton's own words:

"On July 21st and 22nd, Carleton successfully migrated 2,019 student accounts (300 gigabytes of mail, about 4.5 million messages) from Cyrus to Zimbra with less than 30 minutes' downtime and only about a dozen calls to the student help desk. Zimbra is running on less expensive hardware than the system it replaces, and has significantly more advanced features. We will be pre-filling all student and faculty accounts with the academic calendar, their personal class schedule, and their assignments from the Moodle CMS starting with the first day of the Fall term. Thanks to Zimbra's open and standards-based architecture, this took only one man-month to accomplish. With no other package we considered was this level of data integration ever a serious possibility. Faculty and academic staff are migrating to Zimbra as we speak (10% done). Administrative staff are staying in their previous system for now because of (currently) limited Outlook 2007 support and data conversion issues from Novell GroupWise, but we hope tto get to a single, fully-featured collaboration suite, including out-of-the-box support for most modern mobile devices, for all campus constituencies by the end of this calendar year."

Carleton's email/calendaring evaluation project team

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