Zimbra Certified Training Partners

Following are the Zimbra Certified Training Partners that offer training for Zimbra customers.

Zimbra training courses are hands-on, interactive multi-day sessions designed to provide administrators with the tools and techniques necessary to be proficient managing Zimbra Collaboration.

Each of the following Zimbra Training Partners has participated in the official Zimbra training course, has been authorized by Zimbra to provide training, and uses Zimbra-created materials.

For more details on Zimbra Training courses, please see the Zimbra Collaboration Training page.

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eduStance Since 2002, Edustance is an IT training services provider for enterprises. It specialises in standard classroom, virtual and onsite training, with its certified trainers and training consultants as specialists in training plans and curriculum design. Email: moises.fabra@edustance.com Phone: +34 977 221 182 Country: Spain, Andorra, Portugal
Gestion-Ressources Gestion-Ressources is a Quebec leader in OpenSource email collaboration solutions. The company, located in Montreal, has Zimbra customers throughout Canada.
Email: marketing@gestion-ressources.com Phone: (877) 288-7448 Country: Canada
In-Tuition Networks ltd Gold partners since 2006, In-Tuition provide private label Zimbra hosting to IT Resellers, Web Developers and Corporate IT Departments. Highly knowledgeable & friendly support, well proven, very reliable multi- server platform. Instant provisioning, full delegated admin control, services in your own host name and company branding - it's just like having your own Zimbra server farm without any of the work, cost or worries.
Email: enquiries@in-tuition.net Phone: 0207 183 1234 Country: UK
Inova A leading Brazilian email solutions company, serving Businesses, ISPs and Telcos.
Email: zimbra@inova.net Phone: +55-11-5090-1234 Country: Brazil
IT Linux IT Linux is a leading provider of services, support, and training for best-of-breed open source technologies.
Email: comercial@itlinux.cl Phone: (+56-2) 2963 9270 Country: Chile
Kangaroot Linux Solutions Belgium's premier Linux and Open Source service provider for over 10 years. Zimbra specialist for small and large scale deployments.
Email: info@kangaroot.net Phone: +32 2 614 01 00 Country: Belgium
Netixia France & Europe's biggest Zimbra experts and engineers team : Gold partner since 2006, 1st integrator, 1st hosting provider with YaZiba.net, certifying trainers, Zimlets developments. More than 500 projects realized : from 100 users up to 20 millions; 6 millions users deployed
Email: commercial@netixia.fr Phone: +33 (0)2 47 64 64 64 Country: France
Next Genesis Technologies Next Genesis Technologies, providing messaging and security solutions in Central America since 1999.
Email: zimbra@nextgenesis.net Phone: +503 2555 7500 Country: El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica
PT Jabetto Maraya Leading Zimbra Service Provider in Indonesia, we provide advanced, highly innovative and reliable solutions. Our products and solutions cover the areas for organizations of all sizes.
Email: zimbra@jabetto.com Phone: +6221-83787381 Country: Indonesia
Quer System Experts in Open Source groupware solutions.
Email: info@quersystem.com Phone: +34-902.026.168 Country: Spain
Refundation Refundation is a leading organization providing management consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Refundation has been a leading Zimbra Collaboration partner in Ecuador for over 7 years providing integrated Zimbra services for our clients. Email: info@refundation.com Phone: 593 2 6037651 Country: Ecuador, Colombia y Perú
Seacom srl Seacom, the leading Open-Source Architect, Zimbra-certified System Integrator, Training Partner and Solution Distributor. We are building value added Open Source Architectures using best-of-breed technologies. Email: info@seacom.it Phone: +39.050.751.9999 Country: Italy
StarXpert StarXpert, partenaire historique francais de Zimbra, propose une gamme complete de services : architecture, installation (cluster, haute disponibilite), migration, formation, developpement, support. Email: info@starxpert.fr Phone: 01 75 57 84 80 Country: France & Spain
Summan Ltda. Document management and technology infrastructure solutions.
Email: fposada@summan.com Phone: (574) 318-5600 Country: Colombia
Sync SA - OMTech SA Synchronizing your Business with Commercial Open Source Solutions.
Email: rafael.luque@omtech.net Country: Ecuador, Costa Rica
VNC VNC is a leading Zimbra Service Provider and Integrator in Central Europe. VNC is a specialist for commercial Open Source and Cloud solutions. We work with a best-practice approach, with any size business.
Email: info@vnc.biz Phone:
Germany + 49 30 3464615-20
Switzerland: +41 41 7275200
Country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland