Zimbra Service Providers, Solution Providers and Integrators

Zimbra Value Added Resellers

Value Added Resellers offer a wide range of advantages for purchasing Zimbra such as a local presence (localization and on-site installation support), deep combined knowledge of Zimbra and your industry, ability to integrate other back-office systems and more. Find a nearby Value Added Reseller to learn more about Zimbra.

Zimbra Service Providers

Hundreds of partners world-wide offer Zimbra Collaboration hosting services for small businesses to larger organizations. Many partners specialize in services and features for specific industries such as finance or education. Find a Zimbra service provider near you or compare on-site versus hosted Zimbra deployment options.

Training, Services Integration and Professional Services Partners

There is a wide range of additional partners that provide services such as Zimbra administrator training, Zimlet development and professional services support.

Please contact the Zimbra team if you have questions about finding a particular partner to meet your needs. You can also visit our Forums to find partners and developers in our community.