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Thread: Not all deployed Zimlets showing in UI

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    Default Not all deployed Zimlets showing in UI

    Is there a limit to the number of Zimlets that can be seen in the UI? We have zimlets that are deployed (ACL good, installed, in LDAP, etc.) but can't be seen in the UI (and yes, we've logged out, cleared cache, logged back in). We've found that if we undeploy some, they will then appear which leads me to believe there is a limit to the number that can be seen in the UI. Has anyone else seen this? Is there such a limit? If so, is there a way to extend it?

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    Default u can try this way also!!!

    Hi ,
    U can try this thing also ! I think this might help you.
    U have to copy ur all zimlet zip files into /opt/zimbra/zimlets folder
    then deploy it by
    # zimletctl deploy
    where zimlet is your zimlet name.
    then start server then u can get it!


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