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Thread: Access Briefcase files from Zimlet

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    Default Access Briefcase files from Zimlet

    Hi, Iím new at Zimlets development. Iím trying to access to briefcase files (from code), but I canít. I donít know what Iím missing but I canít find a solution. If anyone have an idea, itís welcomed...I'm missed
    Thanks in advance..

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    I'm wondering where does the server save the files that the users upload...are them in the DB?
    I'm trying to develop a document view and I have to make an access to the briefcase. Thanks..

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    Default webdav

    easiest thing would be to mount the user's briefcase through webdav:
    WebDAV - Zimbra :: Wiki

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    Default Solution?

    Have you find a solution how to access the Briefcase from a zimlet??
    I'm having the same problem now. I also want to write something like a document view for all files in a folder.


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