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Thread: How use ZmAddressInputField

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    Default How use ZmAddressInputField

    I am a French student, I apologize in advance for my spelling mistakes.
    As part of my internship I must create a Zimlet enabling the integration of a video conferencing application.
    However, to simplify the life of the user, who must submit the URL of the conference to their contacts. I must create input area and therefore perfect AutoComplete ... and this in a small window (DwtComposite). Similar as :

    Having read the documentation ZmAddressInputField is the best solution. I therefore well established that small window, but not the input area despite the visualization API ( Zimlet JavaScript API Reference - ZmAddressInputField and Zimlet JavaScript API Reference - ZmAutocompleteListView) so I am appealing to your expertise ...

    My code :
    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype.showAddDlg = function(obj) {
    // if zimlet dialog already exists...
    if (this._getAddDialog) {

    this._getAddView = new DwtComposite(this.zimlet.getShell());
    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().style.overflow = "auto";

    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().innerHTML = this._createAddView();
    var className = this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().className;
    this._getAddView.getHtmlElement().className = className + " bbb_addusers";

    var addAddButtonId = Dwt.getNextId();
    var addAddButton = new DwtDialog_ButtonDescriptor(addAddButtonId,
    ("Authorized"), DwtDialog.ALIGN_RIGHT);

    this._getAddDialog = this.zimlet._createDialog({title:"Inviter des utilisateurs",
    view:this._getAddView, standardButtons:[DwtDialog.OK_BUTTON,DwtDialog.CANCEL_BUTTON]});

    this._getAddDialog.setButtonListener(DwtDialog.OK_ BUTTON, new AjxListener(this, this._getAdressEMail));

    this._autocompleteusers = new autocompleteListView({parent:this.zimlet.getShell( )});
    this._inputContact = new ZmAddressInputField(inputId = this._autocompleteusers);
    this._inputContact.getHtmlElement().style.overflow = "auto";

    document.getElementById("bbb_InputAddress").append Child(this._inputContact.getHtmlElement());

    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype._getAdressEMail = function() {
    //TODO send mail with url of video conferencing

    bigbluebuttonPreferences.prototype._createAddView = function() {
    var html = new Array();

    var i = 0; html[i++] = "<DIV>";
    html[i++] = "<div id='bbb_InputAddress'></div>";
    html[i++] = "</DIV>";
    return html.join("");
    Tanks for your attention!
    Regards... Rémi.
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    Default Example of input field with autocomplete

    If you just need auto-complete, then you can look at this example zimlet.
    Just click on the zimlet and test the input field in the dialog box.
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    Thank you for your reply, I already found the solution in Zimlet WEB-EX. But I still do not know how to create my bubble ... = '(

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    Default Please help me

    I'm new in zimlet field.
    So, Do you Know please how to use the ZmAutocomplete to show the GAL but instead of email addresses you must found a phone number.

    Thanks For ALL.

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