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Thread: Cannot deploy simple tab zimlet

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    Default Cannot deploy simple tab zimlet

    I'm just trying to write a Zimlet to tie Zimbra into our IT help desk and want to do this using a tab however I seem to be failing at the first hurdle.

    Following the example in the wiki here. I've created a simple iframe Zimlet in two files, zipped them and deployed them to the server successfully. They show up in Preferences in the list of available Zimlets but I don't get a new tab.
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    Does it appear when you run the zimlet under _dev ? Have you switched on zimlet debugging in log4j ?

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    First of all, you need to create the com_zimbra_example_tabiframe_HandlerObject class:

    com_zimbra_example_tabiframe_HandlerObject = function () {}
    com_zimbra_example_tabiframe_HandlerObject.prototype = new ZmZimletBase();
    com_zimbra_example_tabiframe_HandlerObject.prototype.constructor = com_zimbra_example_tabiframe_HandlerObject;
    to better see your javascript problems, you can install firebug in firefox.

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