Hi guy !

Due to some of the email message in not display correctly in html mode,
I am looking for a zimlet function which can able to open email window in text mode(just click a toolbar icon to popup new window in text mode).

I did many search and still can't find any hints to do it...

All I can found is open a compose window as below :

// Tries to open the compose view on its own.
var composeController = AjxDispatcher.run("GetComposeController");
if(composeController) {
	var appCtxt = window.top.appCtxt;
	var zmApp = appCtxt.getApp();
	var newWindow = zmApp != null ? (zmApp._inNewWindow ? true : false) : true;
	var params = {action:ZmOperation.NEW_MESSAGE, inNewWindow:newWindow, 
	toOverride:null, subjOverride:null, extraBodyText:null, callback:null}
	composeController.doAction(params); // opens asynchronously the window.
	this.displayStatusMessage("Trying to open a new message dialog. Please wait ...");

Anyone can give me a hand on which function in zimlet can open(popup) email window in text mode ? Many thanks for your help