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Thread: How to change language of hover in date zimlet

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    Question How to change language of hover in date zimlet

    Hi, im new to zimbra, and i installed it in a test server and everything is working great, except for the date-time zimlet the one where you:
    Mouse-over a date or time, and see what's in your calendar;

    i mean its nothing wrong with it, but i need that zimbra recognaize words in spanish, like "Hoy" instead of "Today", or "Mañana" instead of "Tomorrow", so when i pass my mouse-over the word Mañana zimbra shows what is in my calender
    I also need to change the date formats from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy

    I cant find any zimlet where i can do this... i already modified the phone zimlet so we can work with our phone numbers...

    Any help would be greatly apreciated

    Oh and by the way ZImbra ROCKS its a really nice piece of SW thank you guys
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    In 3.1.x this is hard coded, so it's hard to change. 3.2 and beyond expose this as a Zimlet so you can just edit the JS code.
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    In what file can this change be done?

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