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Thread: Can not see Samba domain or Posix accout in ie8

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    Default Can not see Samba domain or Posix accout in ie8

    i have installed samba domain and posix accout to connect samba to the zimbras ldap

    My problem is when i go to the admin webinterface from firefox all is ok.
    But when i take microsofts inernetexplorer i can not see samba and posix tab.
    And when i create a new user it stops with an error because i can not fill in the sambadomain uid or something else from samba and posix .

    greetings from austria


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    Previous discussion on this was in this thread: [SOLVED] ZCS 6 - problems using Samba and Posixaccount zimlets where we eventually found that it was just IE that was having the issue. It doesn't look like the original poster in that thread ever filed a bug though. Feel free to go to, search and see if it already exists, and if not then create a bug report on it.

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