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    Default forward Attachments

    How could I forward an attachment to a new email?
    I'm able to grab the body and subject, but not attachments.

    I tried using zmObject.attachments or zmObject.getInlineAttachments without results (as written in Zimlet cookbook) but it seems I need something else.

    I had a look to email2doc but it seems it puts a simply a link to the object attched more than embed the object (clearly it has create a doc, not an email). Or maybe I didn't look in the right way.

    Any suggestion?

    Best regards,

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    In case this can help someone (and someone can help me), this is the snippet I assembled:

    com_zimbra_calls2.prototype.doDrop =				// on Drop do:
    function(zmObject) {
    	if (!zmObject.srcObj)
    	zmObject = zmObject.srcObj;
    	if (zmObject.type == "CONV") {
    		zmObject = zmObject.getFirstHotMsg(); 		// if in a CONVersation, grab the last (?) message received
    	//get Subject
    	var subject = zmObject.subject; 
    	//get Body (composing always in html)
    	var body = zmObject.getBodyContent().replace(/\r\n|\n/g, "<br>");
    	// get Destination emails	
    	var to = [];								// to,from,cc,bcc (reply_to, sender ?)
    	var participants = zmObject.participants.getArray(); 			// get all email participants 
    	for(var i =0; i < participants.length; i++) {
    	     if(participants[i].type == AjxEmailAddress.TO) {	// choose which type of participants (TO,FROM,CC,BCC,REPLY_TO,SENDER
    		      to.push(participants[i].address);		// add participants to variable (in this case "to")
    // here there should be something for Attachments
    // var attaArray =  zmObject.attachments;
    //	debug lines
    //	alert ( "body: " + body); ....
    	var composeController ="GetComposeController");    // create email
    		if(composeController) { 
    			Compose_Mail_Example.count = Compose_Mail_Example.count + 1;    // this is just to count the number of tests
    			body = body + "<br> test number: " + Compose_Mail_Example.count;
    			var newWindow = false;
    //			var to = "";					// just as example
    			var params = {action:ZmOperation.NEW_MESSAGE, inNewWindow:newWindow, 
    			toOverride:to, subjOverride:subject, extraBodyText:body, callback:null, composeMode:DwtHtmlEditor.HTML}
    			composeController.doAction(params); // opens asynchronously the window, composing in HTML
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