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Thread: savealfresco zimlet problem

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    Default savealfresco zimlet problem

    Hi all,

    I meet a problem when trying to store email into alfresco.
    When I dragged and dropped one conversation to "Save in Alfresco" icon. one error dialog was threw with a message: "Error in the properties' data, double click on the zimlet to modify the data"

    My data:
    alfresco server:

    And I am sure that I can login alfresco server above with username and password

    (server using ssl)

    Please help me

    Thank you

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    Default please Have you upgraded Zimbra recently ?

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    For the alfresco server you must enter your ip address and eventually the port, not the whole url.
    Exemple : you use Then you enter ""
    But since I see that you use https, I'm affraid that it won't work. The zimlet is configured with http address.

    You can modify it by editing the zimlet. For that, do the following :
    -Unzip the
    -Edit the file saveAlfresco.jsp
    -Change the line 809 :
    WebServiceFactory.setEndpointAddress("http://" + servAl + "/alfresco/api");
    into :
    WebServiceFactory.setEndpointAddress("https://" + servAl + "/alfresco/api");
    -Zip all the files in a new file
    -Deploy this new zimlet.

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