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Thread: Trouble installing on an 8130 pearl

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    Default Trouble installing on an 8130 pearl

    I tried the 'pearl' link from and get a frozen device every time I try to run it. It was with version 0.9.28, but the generic version seems to be working at the moment so that will do. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a bugtrack I could report it to?

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    Try out the new BB Pearl build 0.9.29

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    Sorry, it's still not working. It is a Verizon phone, and they are known for mucking around inside the phones(I don't need to get at the GPS in there, but knowing they turned it off really peeves me).

    Some more information about my phone if you want to run this one down. I can give you more information if you need it.

    V4.3.0.60( Platform
    Cryptographic Kernel v3.8.5.11
    Micro Edition Configuration: CLDC-1.1
    Micro Edition Profile: MIDP-2.0
    Micro Edition JTWI Version: 1.0

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    I am having the same issue - 8130/Sprint Blackberry Pearl.
    0.9.27 (I think) worked great, the number keys even did delete correctly. Then I tried upgrading to .29 and now it only freezes when I try to launch the application.

    It seems to correspond to when the logo for the application was updated. Was something else changed about the packaging of the app that is breaking it?

    Be happy to test if you guys are not seeing this behavior.

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    I'm also having this issue. Bummer, anyone know a fix?

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    Default 0.9.34 Freezes my pearl as well

    I'm going to try the generic in a bit, but the mine also freezes. Verizon Pearl 8130.

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