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Thread: Windows Mobile 7 does not synchronize appointments to zimbra

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    Angry Windows Mobile 7 does not synchronize appointments to zimbra


    I am a technician in a town hall and we have a Zimbra mail server. We also have iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile 7. All these phones synchronize with 3G and everything is good . There is only one problem: If you enter an appointment on your windows mobile phone on 7, it is not synchronized in your Zimbra calendar. The mail function in the 2 direction, but not appointment ???!!!

    Have you any idea?, we tried everything but at the same time, we quickly made the turn, the parameters are very simplified, a little too much when there is a problem :-)

    thank you in advance.

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    How is your Windows Mobile 7 phone configured to communicate with Zimbra? Is it using ActiveSync or POP/IMAP?

    ActiveSync is necessary to sync calendars & contacts, unless you have CalDAV/CardDAV on your phone (which I doubt are included in Windows Mobile 7).

    In order to use ActiveSync, it needs to be supported on your phone (which it should be on WM7), and it also needs to be included in your Zimbra license & turned on. ZCS Open Source doesn't include it.

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