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Thread: Mobile/ActiveSync GAL?

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    Default Mobile/ActiveSync GAL?

    We are doing a pilot of 4.x Network and are working our way though some issues/questions...

    1) One current question is that Zimbra Mobile does not appear to by syncing the GAL to our mobile devices. We are testing on Treo 650s and Cingular 8125s. The Treos have VersaMail 3.5 which does sync contacts. Is this possible or am I just missing something?

    2) I posted a question on syncing multiple/shared contact folders (address books). Is this possible? We will be using Shared Address Books in place of Public Contact Folders and would likely want those sync'd.

    3) Is there any way to limit the contacts that sync'd? We have several users that have over 1,000 contacts in their personal contacts and most likely don't want all of those on their mobile device at any give time. (I asked the question in the "Users" forum here:

    Mobile Support for Multiple Address Books?

    4) I though I read somewhere that I could do an event invite accept/decline through VersaMail on the Treo? Possible?

    Thanks again!


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    1) We only sync the root calendar and contacts folder, and we sync the entire contents of those folders. This is by design and similar to how Exchange operates. We may expand this to a user pref and sync a user-defined search in the future.

    2) See #1

    3) See #1

    4) Not yet. It is something we plan to add in a future release.
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    Has there been any progress on GAL access from a Mobile device, not using NotifyLink?

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    GAL support is part of WM6 support work. Thanks!

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    Could you be more specific about the state of WM6 support work? Has it been targetted for a particular release?

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    Okay, WM6 support is a good thing. Bug 18608 - Support for Windows Mobile 6 (WM6)

    Now, for the phones that aren't WM6, I would like to create a contact list from the GAL that I can put in people's contacts and push to their mobiles. And I'd really like to do this with a script, not by hand. Anyone have any suggestions, or better yet methods you already use? Some of my mobile users are asking for this.

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