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Thread: Nokia X6, email sent shows from domain not sender

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    Default Nokia X6, email sent shows from domain not sender

    Nokia X6 and comes with 2.9.206 mail for exchange. When I send an email it arrives in the inbox as domain not

    I have tried other versions 2.9.176 and 2.9.208 of mfe and its the same problem

    I suppose it's a bit like these bugs
    Bug 40633 – Nokia Mail for Exchange sends sender name as "Mail for Exchange"

    I commented on the last bug a few weeks ago as its been fixed in 6.0 but I'm on 5.0.21. Moving to 6.0 which only supports 64 bit OS is not an option

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    moved to mobile forum

    32bit support is not being phased out until about version 8. See Zimbra Downloads FAQ: Phase-Out of 32bit

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