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Thread: Need ability to view/modify shared Calendars on iPhone

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    Default Need ability to view/modify shared Calendars on iPhone

    Hi- I have a user who needs to be able to view and modify shared calendars from her iPhone. Is it possible to do this? Currently, I have her setup with Exchange on the iPhones which allows her to see/modify her calendar only. Is it possible for her to be able to view other shared calendars?



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    You can definitely view other shared calendars using CalDAV. They can be accessed directly, or you can set up a CalDAV connection to your account, which will then include your calendars and ALL the shared calendars that you've mounted.

    To be honest the variety of possibilities is a bit confusing, including which ones allow read/write and which ones are read only. A couple threads that already discuss the options are:

    iPhone 3.0 and CalDAV
    What mobile devices support shared calendars

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