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Thread: zimbra open source & iphone

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    Default zimbra open source & iphone

    We are running zimbra open source - edition and are planning to purchase two iphones.

    I wonder if its possible to sync iphone calendar <-> zimbra calendars (one of the two potential iphone-users has about 8 calenders in his account)

    I was reading
    Mobile collaboration tools for enterprise messaging for mobile devices
    IPhone - Zimbra :: Wiki

    and it seems that direct sync is only possible if using the network-edition of zimbra. I wonder if there is another way of direct sync using iTunes, thunderbird, apples online-service or whatever ...

    thnx a lot

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    iPhone 3.0 is supposed to support caldav which should do what you want.


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    That will be the way to go if you can wait for 3.0.

    In the meantime you might look into doing Zimbra<->CalDAV<->iCal 3<->iTunes<->iPhone.

    Note: wired, not over the air sync. Also, I am not sure if iTunes will let you sync a CalDAV calendar with an iPhone.

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