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Thread: calendar does not work

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    Default calendar does not work

    Im planning to buy a phone, so I tested Zimbra Mobile on my computer and a colleagues' phone. Opening Zimbra in the Mobile mode does not show any calendar appointments. In fact, it gives the following message in red: An invalid request was made.

    I have asked my colleague to test the mobile interface on my computer. We looked at his calendar: no problem at al.

    Hope anyone can help me, thanks!

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    Welcome to the forums

    What phone did you test with and which version of Z! Mobile did you use ?

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    Tanks ;-)
    Since I am not such an advanced user, please help me out. How do i find out which version? The certificate tells me it is version 3.

    I don't remember my colleagues' phone, but i have tested the mobile interface on two computers as well. And the calendar wasn't working on both of them.

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