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Thread: unclear about features of zimbra mobile?

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    Default unclear about features of zimbra mobile?

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for native sync of my calendar/contacts/etc from my windows mobile 5 device to zimbra. However, zimbra mobile only claims activesync capabilities. Can this device sync over 3g network, bluetooth or 802.11 spec? (activesync seems to suggest you need to physically plug your device in via usb for sync options... 3g would let me sync anywhere in town..)

    cheers in advance

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    The Zimbra Mobile option is EAS (Exchange Activesync) which is essentially Active over network. I don't know if it will work over bluetooth, but it's designed to keep you mobile devices in-sync over the cellular data network. So I think it's what you're looking for.
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    It works over wifi and cellular with the iPhone and that's using the active sync profile, so I'd assume its the same with the windows mobile devices.

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    Yes it works over the cell network (whichever type of data network your carrier uses) or wifi, so no need to plug in your phone to your desktop.

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