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Thread: Zimbra Mobile Appointment Order

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    Default Zimbra Mobile Appointment Order

    Howdy --

    On Zimbra Mobile for the Blackberry Curve, when we go to the calendar for the list of appointments, the appointments are listed in an arbitrary order. From top to bottom, the dates are listed as follows:

    October 9th
    October 10th
    October 15th
    October 8th
    October 9th
    October 10th
    October 14th


    Where there are repeating days in the list, appointments seem to be divided randomly between those days, so it's never certain where in the list an appointment for any given day may be. Am I missing an easy sort option, or... ?

    Thanks much!

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    Please email me the ics export of your appointments, or a list of appointments with the same recurrence pattern so I can reproduce. Thanks.

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