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Thread: Outlook connector and changing passwords

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    Default Outlook connector and changing passwords

    I have seen this twice in the last 2 days...

    Running ZCS 4.5.4, with connector for 4.5.4.
    Running External LDAP Auth
    Running Samba Domain for Windows Users Auth from same LDAP
    Samba requires password change every 90 days
    Outlook 2003

    When I change my LDAP password, Outlook hangs on open. I would expect that Zimbra would request a new password if auth fails, but it does not seem to.

    Uninstall and reinstall of Zimbra connector fixes the problem, but it would be annoying to have all of my users do that every time the password changes.

    Thank you,

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    enable zco logging using zcologctl to verify a few things. Does AuthRequest return a SOAP fault? If so, ZCO will display a dialog indicating the password has changed and will prompt you for the new password.
    Sam Khavari

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