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Thread: Where is ZmCustomizeMSI.js for 7.2.4?

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    Default Where is ZmCustomizeMSI.js for 7.2.4?

    We have the Zimbra server 7.2.4. On our downloads/index.html, I found the Zimbra Connectors for Outlook, 32- and 64-bit, .MSI files. But I don't find the ZmCustomizeMSI.js script that is necessary for customizing the .msi installers.

    Is this still the recommended technique? If so, is there another place where I might find the file? Or can I use the ZmCustomizeMSI.js file from an earlier version (e.g., 7.2.2)? Sande

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    On our 7.2.4 install it's labled as:

    Zimbra Connector for Outlook MSI Customizer

    And is located in our download link.

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