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Thread: Outlook's infobar + ZCO

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    Default Outlook's infobar + ZCO


    When running Outlook with Exchange, it seems that the information in Outlook's infobar ("You replied on $DATE", "You replied on") is synchronised with the Exchange server. So, if you're running Outlook on both your laptop and PC, these messages are synchronised across.

    However, when running Outlook with Zimbra (using the ZCO), this information appears to only be kept locally, and isn't synchronised with the Zimbra server or with other Outlook clients.

    Am I missing an option somewhere?

    If this isn't an option, it would be great to get an "infobar" into the Zimbra web UI, as well as have ZCO keep it synchronised.


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    Moved thread to correct forum.

    I tested this and got the same results, so I opened a bug on bugzilla: Bug 65482 – "you replied on" doesn't sync across installations of Outlook

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