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Thread: Unable to send emails with multiple attachments

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    Default Unable to send emails with multiple attachments

    OS: Windows 7
    Mail Client: Outlook 2007 SP2
    Connector Version: 6.0.6058.8
    Server Version 6.0.7

    I have a user that is using the ZOC in Outlook 2007 and they are experiencing 2 issues:

    1) Unable to send emails with multiple attachments. Attachments range from 15kb to 263kb with a total of 803 kb. (1 Word doc [15kb], 4 PDFs [43kb to 263kb]) The same message sends with gmail without out a problem. This is just a specific example.

    2) Folders beyond S are not syncing either.

    Logs are attached. Please let me know if you need more details.

    Thank you for any guidance that you may supply.
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