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Thread: OLK 6.0.13 system requirements

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    Default OLK 6.0.13 system requirements

    In past versions, I have noted that OLK version should exceed the NE Server Version. We upgraded our server to 6.0.12. I have downloaded from OLK listed as 6.0.12 - after download the file says 6.0.11_GA....
    During my research, I found OLK 6.0.13, however server version 6.0.13 was never released. Will 6.0.13 work with server 6.0.12? is there a full list of updates/fixes from 6.0.11_GA... to 6.0.13_GA...?
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    I assume you mean ZCO version should NOT exceed the server version. I can't recall if there was some messing around with version numbers, but in this case, the 6.0.13 ZCO will work fine with server 6.0.12

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