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    Default Shared Calendar

    I have a client where all users are using Outlook connector and they are sharing the calendars. One user (Office 2010 & Outlook Connector 6.0.11) can see shared calendars but appointments show only as "Busy". He cannot see details like other users. Try to re-share calendar, reinstall Outlok connector, run "Microsoft" (office) updates with no success. Can anybody help. Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.
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    I am having similar problems with
    Zimbra 6.0.10 CentOS 5.5
    Windows 7 64 bits
    Outllok 2010 32 bits

    Problems started after upgrading from Office 2007 to Office 2010, they can sync message folder, but when they try to sync resources folder (shared address-books, shared calendars), outllok stops working

    I think i will upgrade to 6.0.12 this night to see if something is fixed.

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    In this situation, one quick & dirty diagnostic tactic is to try setting up the same person on a different PC, preferably with the same software.

    This'll help you determine if the issue is on the server or somewhere on the particular installation of the client software.

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    Default ZCO only shows "Busy" on Outlook 2010 calendar sharing.

    For Information Only.

    ZCO 6.0.6058.8
    Outlook 2010

    I experience the same behaviour on 10 users all using Windows 7; Office 2010 and various ZCO versions, predominantly 6.0.6058.8.

    No detail, only "Busy" on all mailfiles.

    I have set the same person up on three different machines (as suggested by the previous post) with the same result.

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    Default Use Zimbra, Open Other User's Mailbox

    Ensure the Zimbra Sharing Addin is loaded:
    File, Options, Add-Ins: Active Application Add-ins: Zimbra Sharing Addin

    Go to the Zimbra Tab
    Open Other User's Mailbox
    Select User from the Global Address List

    The Calendar is added to your list of Calendars
    You can see the Free / Busy Information

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