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Thread: Setting up a task and assigning to a different user

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    Default Setting up a task and assigning to a different user

    How do you Setup a task and assigning to a different user in Zimbra or in Outlook using a Zimbra connector?

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    Bug 15832 - Tasks: Need ability to assign tasks to someone else is an RFE which also has a workaround for what you need. Basically right now you need to access the other user's Task list as a Manager and directly place the task there.

    (See my comment #10 there.)

    Currently, implementing of this as a feature within ZWC is being put off until IronMaiden, that is, two major versions after ZCS 6. Implementing in ZCO should probably be a separate RFE, so I just created it: Bug 50281 - RFE: assign tasks using ZCO Please consider voting on both.

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