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Thread: ZCO Profile Problem

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    Default ZCO Profile Problem

    Does everyone else seem to have to re-create profiles fairly often ? It seems every month or so there is someone's outlook connector that stops working and I delete the profile and create a new one. It re-syncs up and everything is fine for awhile. Does anyone else have to do this? Is this an outlook problem or zimbra problem?

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    We're having this problem after upgrading from 5.x to 6.0.7, when we go to upgrade the client connectors, maybe 15% of them totally bork out and their outlook profile needs recreated/resynced. There is no error message, outlook just crashes. One of our techs was getting a log file from the connector that I was hoping would shed some light on the problem

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    If there is an Outlook crash, there should be a .dmp file in %TEMP%\zco-cores. Post that and I can have a look.

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