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Thread: [SOLVED] Outlook Connector SBE2003 Crashes

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    Default [SOLVED] Outlook Connector SBE2003 Crashes

    Outlook crashes and has to restart with no explanation.

    Trying to move email from home folder to shared folder. Also trying to delete items or emails from a shared folder. Same issue with a calendar.

    Running SBE Outlook 2003 version 11.8217.8221 SP3
    Windows XP Pro SP3

    Zimbra Client v 5.0.2706.9
    Server v 5.09_GA_2500

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    This is bug 30856, and it was fixed in 5.0.10. It was also fixed in later versions of 5.0.9. I notice that you have 5.0.2706.9. This was fixed in 5.0.2707.9 and later, so you need to get a newer version.

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