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Thread: LDAP(Windows) Password Change causing Zimbra.zbd to crash

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    Default LDAP(Windows) Password Change causing Zimbra.zbd to crash

    I have isolated it to the password. When users change their password outlook continueously crashs. When you goto the profile and attempt to modify the email settings it fails.

    When users change their password back to the original password all is well again. I need some assistance resolving this because were in the process of implementing security policies to keep users from using their last 5 passwords.

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    We don't have crashes, but Outlook stops syncing and I have yet to figure out a solution besides creating a new profile.

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    There is a bug similar to this -- bug 27289. Does this look like your situation? I cannot reproduce it if I just change my password on a Windows box in a workgroup. What is your configuration?

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