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Thread: share calendars no sync outlook connector

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    Default share calendars no sync outlook connector

    i have in my webmail a share calendar but when i had installed the connector in my outlook 2003 i can see all the calendar minus the shared one.
    any ideas? something to check?

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    You have to explicitly mount the shared content in outlook, it won't show up automatically. File->open->other users mailbox, then select the mailbox that has content shared with you. A new tree will be displayed for the secondary mailbox and all content you have access to will be displayed.
    Sam Khavari

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    Default This does work, but no results will show.


    I managed to open 2 other peoples "mailbox". The only thing they have shared with me is their calendar. But there is no appointments showing, there is in Zimbra. I checked size of the calender i try to open, its 275kb....

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