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    Default Outlook Autocomplete

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there was anyway to get the Outlook autocomplete function to work with my company's global address list. I have no problems viewing the list when I want to search for an address, but only my personal contacts will show up when I start typing in a name.

    Our mail server is using Zimbra 5.0, and the client is Outlook 2003.

    I am using version 5.0.2428.0 of the outlook connector.

    Of course I found a solution right after I posted.

    Mail Client LDAP Configuration - Zimbra :: Wiki
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    In outlook: Tools -> address book
    in address book window: Tools -> options

    You can change the order searched there

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    My users have the correct order with GAL first, however it never auto completes unless they click the 'To...' icon. Kind of defeats the point. Any other suggestions?

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    Default Same trouble here...

    ...on a fresh upgrade to NE 5.0.18 and Outlook 2007. One thing is different though, the GAL is listed second underneath "Contacts."

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    That's just the way Outlook is. Autocomplete is based on a local cache. Contacts & GAL are never consulted as you type. To consult the GAL for a name/address you have not previously typed, you need to hit "check names" (Control-K).

    Seriously. There are tools to edit the local cache, but there is no networked autocomplete in Outlook, even in a 100% Microsoft server environment.

    Shortcut and fix for Outlook's autocomplete feature | Workers' Edge - CNET News

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