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Thread: Error in OpenMsgStore

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    Default Error in OpenMsgStore

    When I create a user on the Blackberry Administration Service, I get these errors in the event log:

    MailStoreExchange::GetFolderRedirectionProperties - Error in OpenMsgStore, result=0x80004005.
    MailStoreExchange::GetUserPrivateFolders - Error in OpenMsgStore, result=0x80004005.
    GetPersonalEmailFoldersForRedirection failed for User id=15
    MailStoreExchange::GetPersonalEmailFoldersForRedirection - GetFolderRedirectionProperties failed.
    The user is created and the handheld can be activated correctly, but the Inbox folder and its subfolders will not be forwarded to the device.

    I tried using MFCMAPI to erase the BlackberryHandheldInfo folder in the given mailbox (as I was instructed in blackberry forums), but I could not do that, MFCMAPI just quits unexpectedly. Any suggestions?

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    if you stop the bes controller service and open outlook is the account in there and sync'd correctly? is this a fresh wipe on the blackberry?

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