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Thread: GAL sync interval, one day between Zimbra and BES?

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    Default GAL sync interval, one day between Zimbra and BES?

    We are using
    ZIMBRA 6.05_GA_2213.UBUNTU8.NETWORK 2.FEB. 2010,
    ZCB 6.5, with
    BES Express (working fine)..

    When I add a new user in Zimbra, I have to wait until the next day to find him in the BES Express for provisioning him a Blackberry.
    Is there a solution to sync the GAL immediately between Zimbra and BES Express?

    Thanks for any hints!

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    Delta GAL sync happens every 30 minutes and full GAL resync happens every 7 days.

    Please feel free to use the following registry keys to change default values of delta and full GAL sync intervals:


    (REG_DWORD) GalResync
    (REG_DWORD) GalDeltaSync

    In addition, there is the option to initiate full GAL sync immediately using 'Force GAL sync' button on ZCB logging control ( type zcologctl.exe in cmd prompt )

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