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Thread: GAL via BB AddressBook lookup

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    Default GAL via BB AddressBook lookup

    I am still unable to get this working. I have shut down BES and opened both Outlook profiles, updated GAL, etc. Everyone is there now. From Outlook on the BES server I can lookup all the information about my users (address, phone, email, etc).

    From the Web interface on the BES server I can lookup/view all contact information in the GAL.

    From a BB devices addressbook doing a remote lookup only returns a users email address. For example, searching for user "Mark" returns:
    Mark UserA
    Mark UserB
    Mark UserC

    Selecting a specific user only yields the email address, no other information.

    Is this functionality supported yet? What can I do to further debug this issue?


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    From taking a quick look at this on my system it looks like the lookup is performed against the BES data and not the GAL as I can get the email address and PIN for a user on the BES but only the email address for anyone else (even if more data for that user exists in the GAL)

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    This could be a bug with ZCB. Please file it in bugzilla and we'll take a look.
    Sam Khavari

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    Thanks David and Sam. Bug 25392 has been created.


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