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Thread: Is the Zimbra app for Android supposed to integrate with the OS?

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    Default Is the Zimbra app for Android supposed to integrate with the OS?

    Hi everyone,

    I installed the official Zimbra app for Android, and the app seems to work great. My problem is that I can only access my Zimbra stuff through the app itself.

    For example, the contacts show up in the app, but don't show up in my Android contacts list. I have the account set to sync contacts, and even in my contact list the app shows up in that menu where you can choose which accounts to display.

    If I set all other accounts to hidden, and only show the contacts from the Zimbra app, the list is empty!

    Does anyone know a way to get the contacts to sync? I tried using corporate sync, but some of the fields don't get synced unfortunately.

    I'm using a Droid 4 running Android 2.x.

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    As far as I know the VMware Zimbra app is "stand-alone" and does not integrate with any other parts of the system. I've been using it basically since it came out and I don't recall ever seeing any setting or anything like that to tie it in to system contacts. Unfortunately I have temporarily uninstalled the app so that I can evaluate Nitrodesk Touchdown, so I can't check ATM.

    There is an app available called CardDAV sync, which may be what you are looking for. It's been awhile since I looked at it, and I don't recall if there was some setup necessary on the server side, but it does bring Zimbra contacts into the "system" contacts.

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