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Thread: VZA does not accept commercial certs?

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    Default VZA does not accept commercial certs?

    I am evaluating ZCS NE 7.1.3 recently, and have an issue with VZA Sync using SSL commercial certs.

    Server setting: SLES 11 SP1 + ZCS NE 7.1.3 on 60443 port + Commercial SSL wildcard certs.

    On my laptop, I can access ZCS with no problem,

    However, from my HTC Wildfire S (Android 2.3.5), VZA 1.28 keeps crashing. Error log shows that 'Caused by: ASN.1 UTCTime: wrong format for DER, identifier at [139]'.

    Then, I re-create self-signed certs, VZA works!

    How can I make VZA works with my *expensive* commercial SSL certs.

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    Possibly same Problem here

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