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Thread: [SOLVED] Download is corrupt???

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    badogrude Guest

    Default [SOLVED] Download is corrupt???


    I have been trying to download '' over the last couple of days.

    When i unzip using both WinZip and Winrar, it is reporting that 2 of the drive files are corrupt.

    I have downloaded multiple time to different computers on different networks but get the same result.

    Has anyone successfully downloaded and unzipped this file recently.



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    Just after downloading it, same problem, unable to unzip.

    Took 2 days to download with my slow web connection, so slightly annoying.


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    same here.

    provide a torrent link, pls.


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    I ended up downloading the OVA file and used the free VMware Converter application to upload the the vm to my ESXi system.

    In regards to torrent see:
    Burnbit Turns Any Web-Hosted File into a Torrent

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    badogrude Guest


    I was downloading the zip of 64Bit Appliance to a 32 bit Windows Machine and unzipping there.

    That is were the error was occurring.

    Now that i have a 64 bit machine built, i downloaded again and it is unzipping successfully.

    As a test i downloaded again to 32 bit machine and corruption is still evident.

    I copied the download from 32 bit machine to 64bit machine and still corrupted.

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